MathUP School offers a robust set of focused tools to help build capacity in teaching mathematics through professional learning for both teachers and administrators.

Developed by Doug Duff, MathUP School is a proven process that empowers elementary principals to build a successful math culture across the entire school. MathUP School supports principals in:

  • Leading measurable and sustainable whole-school improvement in mathematics
  • Gathering, analyzing, and quantifying data to promote whole-school professional learning
  • Using a step-by-step process based on evidence and insights drawn from their own students’ learning

MathUP School shows principals where to focus their time so that their efforts are most effective. It answers the most challenging questions elementary principals face when leading whole-school improvement in math. How can I …

  • lead a cultural shift in math?
  • engage all my teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 8?
  • measure and sustain improvement in mathematics?
  • know what to focus on mathematically?
  • get real data about student learning in my school?
  • deepen teacher math expertise and pedagogy?

“MathUP School gives elementary principals all of the processes, tools, and insights that I used to create measurable improvements in math performance in my school and other schools in the district and beyond.”
— Doug Duff

Principal Leadership

MathUP School provides principals with all of the processes and tools to lead math school improvement.

Data-gathering tools are included for gathering and analyzing evidence of students’ use of number models.

The School Improvement Cycle provides a clear road map to success.

Professional learning modules deepen teachers’ number sense and flexibility and improve their math instructional practice.

How-to videos share guidelines, advice, and experiences from principals who have implemented the process.


MathUP School Site Licence*


*This represents a one-time purchase that gives a school’s principal and two support staff access to the resource for a minimum of 6 years.

The Team

Series Editor

Doug Duff was a Principal and a Principal Instructional Leadership Coach with the Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario, Canada for 20 years. He has been particularly interested in math education and school improvement in various capacities both nationally and internationally. He has worked with a major Canadian publisher as a Senior Consultant, multi-grade textbook author, and an international presenter for mathematics leadership and professional learning.

Contributing Author

Joyce Tonner is a Canadian educator, former administrator, and author. She has taught elementary, secondary, university, and international students. Joyce has experience leading at the school (Principal), system (Curriculum Principal) and provincial (Ontario Student Achievement Officer) levels. She served as President of the Ontario Math Coordinators Association and as Director of the Ontario Association of Math Educators. Winner of the Provincial Amethyst Award, and the OMCA Award for Innovation, she has co-authored mathematics textbooks used in Canada and the United Stated, provincial math supports (Guides to Effective Instruction, Jr.), and tools to support leadership in school improvement. She is interested in math achievement for all students, and has a particular interest in supporting schools and student with challenges.