Created by Marian Small, MathUP Classroom is a comprehensive, online, K–8 instructional solution that  helps build teachers’ knowledge and understanding of mathematics so that they can better help their students.

With rich professional learning woven throughout the resource, MathUP Classroom is designed to support teachers in:

  • Building confidence in teaching math
  • Teaching through the use of essential understandings
  • Teaching and assessing with intention and purpose
  • Focusing on effective ways to consolidate learning
  • Efficiently meeting all curriculum requirements
  • Promoting critical and creative thinking
  • Meeting the needs of all learners

Resources provided in MathUP Classroom include:

  • Problem-Solving Lessons
  • Number Talks
  • Wonder Tasks
  • Brain Benders
  • Digital Games and Hands-On Games and Puzzles
  • Cross-Strand Tasks


MathUP Classroom Single-User License*
1–10 users ………………….. $899 per user
11–20 users ………………… $799 per user
21+ users ……………………. $699 per user

*This represents a one-time purchase that gives the user access to the resource for a minimum of 6 years

The Team

Marian Small

Marian Small is an internationally renowned mathematics educator, author, and professional learning consultant. Dr. Small, whose career in education has spanned more than four decades, is considered one of the most influential math educators in Canada. She has authored or co-authored more than 85 math resources and travelled to mathematics classrooms around the world to provide consultation focused on improving understanding and performance in K–12 mathematics.

Contributing Authors to Supporting Resources:
Kerry Dwyer-Mitchell
Graham Fletcher
Callie Lane
Clark Masters
Ryan Tackaberry
Ruth Teszeri